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Pick Your Pot-of-Gold Bingo

Sunday, March 17 • All Bingo Sessions

Pick-Your-Payout Bingo

Join us this St. Patrick's Day for our Pick Your Pot-of-Gold Bingo sessions and see what's waiting for you under the rainbow! We'll play 10 regular games paying up to $1,199 during all three sessions! 

Matinee Session • 11:45AM

10 Regular Games paying $500 to $1,199!

Buy-In: $7/each 9-ON

Evening Session • 6:40PM

10 Regular Games paying $800 to $1,199!

Buy-In: $10/each 9-ON

Late Night Session • 11PM

10 Regular Games paying $500 to $1,199!

Buy-In: $7/each 9-ON

•Multiple game winners will split $400 during Matinee and Late Night and $700 during Evening. Bingo Bonus Special does not apply this day.

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