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Muckleshoot Madness Marathon

Saturday, November 12 • 6:40PM
(No Late Night)

$27,000+ MUST GO!

30 Regular Games Paying $900 EACH!


Get ready for some Bingo Madness on Saturday, November 12th, at Muckleshoot Bingo! Starting at 6:40 pm, we’ll play a marathon session with 30 regular games paying $900 each, for more than $27,000 in total payouts! Buy-ins are just $20 for each 9-ON, and $7 for each extra 3-ON. Electronic packages will also be available. Don’t miss our Muckleshoot Madness Bingo Marathon on Saturday, November 12th starting at 6:40 pm!


$20/each 9-ON

 $7/each 3-ON

Machine Packages also available.

Muckleshoot Bingo_Muckleshoot madness_8.5x11 (In-House Printing)_rev NOVEMBER 2022.jpg
Muckleshoot Bingo_Muckleshoot Madness_Website_2000x600_rev NOVEMBER 2022.jpg
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