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Even Steven Breakout
Bingo Session

Sunday, September 3 • 6:40PM
(No Late Night Session This Day)

$61,000+ MUST GO

Bingo LOVERS unite! Muckleshoot Bingo is having an Even Steven Breakout Session on Sunday, September 3rd at 6:40PM. We’ll play 20 regular games paying $1,199 to both the first paper AND first electronic bingo winner! Plus all blackout consolations will pay $1,199 each! Over $61,000 MUST GO during this fun, high-paying new session!



$35/each 9-ON

$15/each Extra 3-ON

Electronic Package Deals Also Available.

MIB_Even Steven_Poster_rev 2023.1-01.jpg
MIB_Even Steven_Website_2000x600_rev 2023.1-01.jpg
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