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Camp Muckleshoot 
Bingo Marathon

Saturday, June 17 • 6:40PM
(No Late Night Session This Day)

$40,000+ MUST GO!

30 Regular Games Paying $1,199 Each!

Pull up a chair and get ready for s’more prizes during Muckleshoot Bingo’s Camp-themed Marathon! On Saturday, June 17th, we’re giving out over $40,000 in payouts during 30 regular games paying $1,199 each! Join the fun at 6:40PM during our Camp Muckleshoot Marathon for your chance to win!



$20/each 9-ON

$7/each Extra 3-ON

Package Deals Also Available.

MIB_Camp Muckleshoot Marathon_2021_Poster_rev 2022.1-01.jpg
MIB_Camp Muckleshoot Marathon_2021_Website_2000x600_rev 2022.1-01.jpg
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