Bingo Blitz Marathon

Saturday, September 17 | 6:40 pm

$56,000+ MUST GO!

Muckleshoot Bingo has raised the stakes, again! On Saturday, September 17th more than $56,000 MUST GO during our high-stakes Bingo Blitz Marathon! The balls drop at 6:40 pm with 20 regular games paying $2,000 each! PLUS, our Super Jackpot will pay $5,000, and all Blackouts and Consolations will pay $1,199 each! Buy-ins start at $40 for each 9-ON, and $15 for each extra 3-ON!

20 Regular Games Paying $2,000 Each
$5,000 Super Jackpot
$1,199 Blackouts & Consolations

$40/each 9-ON
$15/each Extra 3-ON
Package Deals Also Available 

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