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FREE Breakfast Bingo

Saturday, June 18| 9:30 am

10 Regular Games Paying $75 Each

PLUS FREE Coffee and Doughnut*

Do you like to have fun? Do you like winning money? Then you'll love playing bingo! Grab your friends and head to Muckleshoot Bingo Saturday, June 18th at 9:30 am because we're having a free morning session with 10 regular games paying $75 each! The session starts at 9:30am and includes one FREE 6-ON, plus free coffee and doughnut. Players can also purchase extra 6-ONs for $3 each.

1 Free 6-ON per person, $3/each Extra 6-ONs

*While Supplies Last 

Muckleshoot Bingo_Breakfast Bingo_Poster_rev JUNE 2022.jpg
Muckleshoot Bingo_Breakfast Bingo_Website_2000x600_rev JUNE 2022.jpg
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